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I have shot with Mike for many years, so last xmas I booked two lessons with him for my kids partners. The girls hadn't picked a gun up before. Emma was very nervous. Mike was so patient with her and went over the safety procedure until she felt safe and confident. By the end of the lesson she was shooting Clays one after another.


Rachel was more confident and picked up the safety procedure easily, so Mike was able to progress quicker with her. Mike adjusted the lesson to each of their abilities and Rachel was able to advance onto more difficult Clays by the end of her lesson. Both of them felt very safe, Mike was the voice of calm. They were buzzing afterwards and enjoyed ever minute. Mike is a very good instructor who puts people at ease and brings out the best in them. I highly recommend him.


I booked a taster clay shooting experience for myself as I have always wanted to have a go at shooting but was a bit nervous as I didn't know much about it. Mike was extremely patient and helpful,  and put me at ease very quickly. He made sure I felt comfortable and safe throughout the whole experience. I was worried I might feel stupid as I was a complete novice but not at all he was very encouraging and made it really fun too, I really enjoyed it and was amazed at how many clays I managed to hit with Mike's help. I enjoyed every minute and am so glad I gave it a go I will definitely be booking another lesson with Mike as I think it would be a great new hobby for me.


Great day, great fun, will be back


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